The gallbladder, like every organ in the body consists of its unique parts, a capsule, and its connection to other parts of the body, much in the way a house or building consists of its component parts, an outer covering and cable,electrical and sewer lines that connect it to the other parts of the community.

The gallbladder as a one compartement house consists of a fundus, body neck, its northern wall is protected by the liver, while its walls on the south, east and west side are covered by the visceral peritoneum.  Its connections to the system at large are via the cystic duct, cystic arteries and veins, autonomic and hepatic lymphatic systems.

The House and its Single Room

The gallbladder is divided into three general parts: fundus, body and neck.  They are each very different in size shape and position, all relevant to the function of the gallbladder.  The infundibulum of the gallbladder is part of the body and Hartmann’s pouch is part of the neck.  


Parts of the Gallbladder

04766b05b10.2k.81s gallbladder parts fundus = dark green body = green neck = light green normal anatomyDavidoff Art Copyright 2008